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Custom glass railing systems:
Safe and elegant

Get the high-end look that never goes out of style with frameless glass railing systems, ideal for inside and outside projects. 416HomeReno is the destination for all your custom glasswork needs across the GTA:

  • glass deck railings

  • glass stairwell railings

  • glass patio railings

  • glass porch railings.

When we do glass railings all our customers know that (first things first) we provide a great level of safety for families and their guests along with transforming outdated spaces into modern, elegant, and eye-catching spaces.

There are many variations to choose from, especially when it comes to design and hardware choices. Therefore, we can customize your railings with the best-suited options.

Stand-off railings systems

​​Stand-off railings systems

A minimalistic approach to the glass railing systems. The glass rail is securely attached by metal stand-offs (round, stainless steel cylinder that includes a base, cap and gasket) on the outside of the wall or staircase fascia. For this design, the tempered glass is pre-drilled for the stand-offs which makes it easy to install on site. 

Standoff systems are compatible with 1/2″ (12 mm) thick glass.

Available in different sizes and finishes.

Can be applied into any application like home, retail or commercial spaces.

glass railings_416homereno.jpg

Heavy glass base shoe railing systems

glass wall

Glass railings with square steel posts

Stainless steel rail post systems

Going for a sleek glass look but still want to keep it a bit traditional? Then the ail post systems will serve you nicely. Depending on the project, posts can be installed on wood, concrete or stone steps. You get to choose on either square or round stainless steel posts. This rail system also can be done with glass clamps attached to the wall or wooden posts. Clamps are done with 3/8" (10 mm) thick glass.

glass railings solid panel.jpg

Heavy glass base shoe railing systems

Shoe base glass railing is a great choice for any commercial project, balcony railing or stair railing applications. These systems are sturdy, safe and provide no obstruction to view.

The shoe base system gives that zero holes look and transforms the space complitely. Can be either facsia or top mounted. 


Frameless windscreen systems (spigot)

This railing systems ais used when you can mount your railings on the surface of the floor or ground. Design options come to edge, square or round spigots. Ideal for outside patios, porches and balconies. 

Offered in two hardware options: side mount and surface mount. The tilt lock technology is utilized to keep the glass in place. This technology easily allows to align the glass vertically and horizontaly to get the perfect alignment. 

Solid glass panel with U-channel

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