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Glass Shower Enclosures

Measured, designed, custom ordered, and installed in less than 2 WEEKS

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At 416HomeReno we specialize in glasswork, we have done hundreds of shower and bathtub enclosures across the GTA, and, therefore, will produce the best custom fit glass enclosures.

Croll down to see shower and bathtub enclosure options, design ideas and hardware selection. From a single standard size glass door to various complex massive high-end enclosures, we supply and install them all.

How to get started?


Scroll down through the SHOWER OR BATHTUB GALLERY BELOW AND CHOOSE the shower enclosure option.


Request a quote. It's simple: leave your contact details, your shower HEIGH & WIDTH, and your location.


- a FREE quote

- hardware options (handle selection, hardware color selection)

- design options

- detailed glasswork timeline

- payment options


We will BOOK A DAY for the final measurements.

Enclosure types and design options

L shape corner glass shower.jpg


in-line shower.jpg


416HomeReno neo angle shower.jpg



Fixed Panel

sliding shower bathroom enclosure.JPG


shower glass with gold hardware.jpg

Bathtub Enclosure

Additional services

Steam showers - for steam lovers we can offer a glass enclosure with transom, a glass panel that rotates.


Turn the steam generator on, close the transom (a glass panel that rotates, installed over the shower door) & enjoy the max steam. For less steam, don’t run the steam generator, turn on your exhaust fan and open the transom. Doing a quick shower to refresh? No steam on, transom open…here you go. 

steam shower with transom.jpg

Framed fixed panels and shower enclosures - please inquire about framed enclosures, we can assist with design and color options. Can’t deny the fact that just this framed fixed panel alone drastically changes the room and adds so much more character. To match the frame color, you would shop for the same color bathroom fixtures, faucet, towel holders, etc. 

framed fixed panel.jpg

Let's get technical. What are my options?


All of our glass enclosures are made with tempered safety glass. The glass thickness options available as such:
- 6 MM (1/4") commonly used for the backsplash, tabletops
- 10MM (3/8″) commonly used for shower enclosures, wine cellar enclosures
- 12 MM (1/2") commonly used for glass railings, office doors, and partition walls.

Frosted glass
There are two types of frosted glass we work with:
- Acid etch - gives a nice clean frosted look, smooth to the touch.
- Sandblasted - gives your a frosted look,  rough to the touch. With the sandblasted option, you can play around with any design you want.

Extra Clear Glass
Order Staphire glass for extra clarity. This is a special low iron ultra-clear glass.  This type of glass contains as little as 10% of the iron content of regular glass which allows it to transmit around 91% of light when traditional glass transmits only 83% of light.

Colored Glass
- Tinted
- Bronze

- Grey

Our hardware is solid brass construction and fasteners are all stainless steel, so you can be confident that your shower will look great and function properly for many years.

sliding kit hardware.png


- Matte black

- Chrome

- Brushed nickel

- Satin brass

Extra Protection (water stoppers)

- Seals

- No seals

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