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How it works

Modern Sinks

Did you know that getting started with 416HomeReno is fast and easy? 

Call us or submit your quote

Share what project ideas do you have in your mind and how we can help you. We work on ONE big project at a time. You can be assured that all of our attention will be dedicated to your project.


Pricing and timelines

After our initial complimentary rough estimate, we will schedule a meeting with our general contractor (could be virtual as well). This is the perfect time to bring your ideas to the table, share any photo references you might have, discuss details.


Later, in collaboration with our designer, we deliver an all-inclusive accurate proposal based on our practical propositions + your ideas and suggestions.

Then, we sign a contract with the timeline, payment schedules and deliverables.


The team will be responsible for carrying the renovation through according to the renovation timeline. We set up a workspace  (note: we may ask you to set up a separate room for us to store the supplies) and here it starts.

If you live in a condo building, you are responsible for connecting with a board (committee) and getting an approval for any renovation projects that will take place.


As renovation process goes, we will be working with you on supplying the best quality materials (tiles, countertops, paints, flooring, hardware) that you like & want and that are within the established budget frame. 



After we're done - the final clean-up is performed and all appliances are tested. Once we hand you the fully renovated project and only after you've expressed complete satisfaction - we consider the work done.​ We will take final Before/After photos and videos ( your permission is required) for portfolio/social media use.

Blue Tiles
Paint Buckets
Brand New Kitchen
Modern Bathroom
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