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A beautifully landscaped property does more than just add distinction and unique features to a home. It does boost curb appeal and sure can increase its value.

When you want to upgrade your space, do something different; whether you want to get it for your poolside, a backyard walkway, makeup for your outdoor kitchen, fancy up your patio, reach out to us for a free consultation.

We specialize in high-quality residential landscaping design, supervision, implementation, and maintenance. Below is a list of our basic services:

  • Interlock walkways and patios

  • Outdoor fire pits and kitchens

  • Retaining walls

  • Fountains, ponds, and water features

  • Fancing and gates

  • Landscape drainage systems

  • Steps

  • Natural stone and bricks pavers

  • Mulch planting

  • Wood decking

backyard,Pond, stones, lawn, landscaping
Cement Paving


Retaining walls

There are many reasons why you need to install retaining walls. From our experience, a retaining wall is usually installed to hold/support back soil in order to prevent any changes to its structure. We've seen cases when without the wall, the soil simply eroded or slid. You don't want that!


Also, a wall is installed to create a flat surface on properties with medium or extreme slopes. The wall would also upgrade the overall appearance of land, will make it more usable. And of course, will prevent water runoff. Building such walls is a complicated job that requires a lot of skills.


416HomeReno builds functional, dazzling, and long-lasting interlock patios, entertainment areas, and walkways. Every property is different, clients' needs too, therefore, we provide custom design and installation that works the best. We use high-quality brick, small and natural stones, wood, concrete, gravel, tile, and other materials to add dimension and strength to the structures, along with making space look more organized and decorated.

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